“Carnaval Obscura” was an art salon type performance put together by Laura Chiaramonte. Many different artists collaborated to bring this event to life. We decided to perform a steampunk version of our new piece, “Untitled.” ”Untitled,” like “Stay,” started with music in mind. We actually decided to choreograph to Tim Christensen’s song long before Rihanna’s song. As far as the title is concerned, we intended to stray from our usual patterns of naming. Since the choreography process was similar our usual process which lets music dictate the movement, we just left it “Untitled.” You could see further departure from traditional ballroom and more contemporary work in the floorwork and other elements. However, ballroom elements remained, and for good reason, since they fit and did not disturb the flow of the movement. We found no reason to shy away from combining tactics. It was also nice to have the song transposed into a different key for cello by our cellist, Colleen Borchard and sung beautifully by Katherine Bokenkamp. We really wanted to give this song a different flavor than the original.

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