The Spiral/Ballroom Project includes ongoing research in the applications of the Alexander Technique (AT) in ballroom dance. Its benefits became apparent early on and we are now long time practitioners of the Alexander Technique. In this first workshop of its kind, we paired up with our AT teachers, Becky Nettl-Fiol and Laura Chiaramonte, in an effort to bring our findings straight from the source. Becky and Laura introduced a new vocabulary of movement which we later applied to ballroom technique. Ultimately, this allowed for better understanding of the body which aids in making dancing effortless and more pleasurable.  This workshop covered:

• understanding of what Alexander Technique is and how it can help improve ballroom dancing
• tips on how to have better awareness of the body
• learning how to move the body in a more coordinated way
• instruction on how to keep the right amount of tone in the body in connection to a partner without over tensing the muscles
• a new, anatomical representation of what is known as CBM (contrary body movement) and how to use it properly

We base our teaching on all these findings through continuous research as we are constantly developing our theory and practice.